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"H&H" Founder + Executive Director Jan Mallak, 2LAS, ICCE-CD-CPD-AT, CD-PCD-BDT(DONA), CCE-CD-CPD-DT(“H&H”)



Dear Pittsburgh area families, colleagues and friends,

In 1995 I had the opportunity to found “Heart & Hands” Doula Service. I felt that being a childbirth educator wasn’t enough – getting ‘into the trenches’ as a doula was the best way to help women achieve their birth vision. Since then, “Heart & Hands” has grown and evolved into the kind of doula service I envisioned. So after 34 years in the “baby business,” I have decided to retire with my husband of 42 years. I will no longer be actively attending births or providing postpartum care for our doula clients. However, I will be continuing my role as group mentor and part-time trainer/concierge educator. I plan to turn over most of the doula service jobs to Ellen Huffmyer who has been with “Heart & Hands” for 17 years. I am certain her experience and dedication to birthing families will provide continued assistance to our clients in the professional manner for which “Heart & Hands” is known. Thank you for all your past/future business and I wish you all …..

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Welcome to Pittsburgh's Premier Doula Service
“Heart & Hands” Doula Service was established in Pittsburgh because we believe that when a woman gives birth, she not only becomes a mother but experiences a ‘Rite of Passage.’ Having a baby is truly life altering and the woman’s participation in this miraculous event will affect her greatly. An uncomplicated birth and a healthy baby are all mothers’ priorities but a satisfactory experience is important as well. When a woman feels listened to, cared about, well prepared and lovingly supported her birth ‘vision’ can often be accomplished. This is where “Heart & Hands” Doula Service comes into play ~

Since 1995, our doulas have been providing support to Pittsburgh area women and their families before, during and after birth. Research since 1980 shows having a doula attended birth benefits the mother, her labor, the baby and the family. Including a doula in your birth team is like bringing back the tried and true tradition followed for thousands and thousands of years ~ having known and trusted people help with, witness and rejoice in the birth.

Aside from many doula services, we also offer an annual birth conference, a variety of childbirth related classes/learning opportunities, birth/breastfeeding consultation and fun options such as Dancing for Birth, Belly Casting and Blessing Way ceremonies. “Heart & Hands” Doula Service also honors an individual, group or facility by presenting an annual ‘Most Doula Friendly Award.’ We feel it’s important to thank other professionals in the birth community for recognizing doulas as the consumer-oriented specialists we are and for welcoming us into the birth team.

Consider letting our doulas help you achieve the kind of pregnancy, birth and postpartum you desire and deserve. We are ready to listen to you, care about you, prepare you and support you so your birth is a special “Rite of Passage” into motherhood.

Due to increased demand of our doula services, we ask that you try to contact us before your 3rd trimester to better ensure availability.

ALL doula service calls will now be taken by
Ellen Huffmyer at (412)716-8163 or by email.

Meet the Doulas @ Panera near Magee
7-8:30pm second Tuesday of each month

3401 Boulevard of the Allies
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: (412) 683-9616

2014 Dates:
Sept. 9th, Oct. 14, Nov. 11, Dec. 9th
Questions + comments
contact Ellen Huffmyer

Please let us know if you plan to come.
(412)716-8163 Ellen Huffmyer

Milk Bank coming to Pittsburgh "Heart & Hands" is excited to announce that a Milk Bank is coming to Pittsburgh and Jan Mallak, our Founder/Executive Director, is the Treasurer on the Executive Board of Directors. Denise O'Connor, LC and past doula client of Jan's, initiated the project and invited Jan to bring her expertise as a Doula and businesswoman to the cause. Jan gladly accepted and enlisted her daughter, Heather Mallak to create the logo. Heather's son Zeev was a NICU baby so she was happy to donate her services.

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2014 Doula Workshops
Postpartum ("H&H" approved)

October 3rd + 4th (Friday & Saturday)
Holiday Inn Express
552 Route 22  Delmont, PA 15626
(near Pittsburgh)

Birth (DONA + "H&H" approved)
November 7th + 8th (Friday & Saturday)
Holiday Inn Express
552 Route 22  Delmont, PA 15626
(near Pittsburgh)

To mark international doula month and the 18th anniversary since the founding of “Heart & Hands” Doula Service (1995), we have decided to begin offering our own professional certification for doulas. As of May 2103, we have established requirement lists for BIRTH and POSTPARTUM and created a process that is comparable to many of the organizations currently offering doula certification. In fact, our group is almost as old as the first to offer certification (DONA – 1992) and older than many that developed programs since then. We also provide a full service doula business which offers many options to our clients that other doula groups/organizations do not. Plus, Jan Mallak (founder and executive director) initiated both birth and postpartum doula certifications for ICEA and is/has been an approved trainer for 3 organizations (ICEA, DONA, CAPPA). For these reasons, we felt it was time to offer professional birth and postpartum doula certification here in Pittsburgh. Our credentialing will be CD(“H&H”) or CPD("H&H") and any of our current certified doulas will be “grand mothered” in and will be awarded these initials.

New Offering - Doulas' Guide to Chldbirth
Due to calls/requests from the public, we will now be offering childbirth classes.
We recommend attendance if:
· you are looking for consumer-oriented information
· you felt the class you took already was lacking tips/tools/techniques
· you are having a doula attended birth
Class focus will be to prepare you for what to expect, what to do, what to ask and how to be involved in the decision-making. We will have a variety of locations and will be offering traditional weekly classes or Saturday classes. They will both be 8 hours long and cost $150. The fee will include our book Doulas’ Guide for Birthing Your Way not only for class use but to take to the birth with you ($26 value).

Concierge Chldbirth Classes
One of our qualified Doula Educators will provide classes in the comfort of your own home at a convenient time for you for whatever special circumstances you may have. If your busy life doesn’t allow for attendance at a traditional childbirth class spread out over weeks, consider this streamlined class. This unique customized class is fitting for first time families, as a refresher, or personal healing and preparation from a previous traumatic birth experience.

October 18th/25th Health Horizons
609 Allegheny Avenue Oakmont, PA 15139
1pm – 5pm each Saturday
$150 fee includes 8 hours of instruction and our book Doulas’ Guide to Birthing Your Way. Call Julia to register at 412/216-0594.

"The newest sensation for pregnant women!" claims CBS.
Dancing for Birth classes all began in the USA with founder Stephanie Larson - a birth doula, childbirth educator, perinatal fitness expert, dancer and mother of four. Even the most seasoned doctors, midwives, doulas, nurses and childbirth educators are seeing a big difference at births due to the Middle Eastern, African, Latin and Caribbean dance methods learned by women during pregnancy. Movement is one of the ways birth wisdom can be freely expressed and can be very empowering/beneficial for the woman. Come meet Ellen Huffmyer (certified birth/postpartum doula and certified Bradley educator) who is now offering Dancing for Birth classes at Shining Light Prenatal Education in Lawrenceville.

Military Discount: We are now offering a $50 reduction in the price of a birth doula to honor and thank our active duty service men and women.

5th annual Most Doula Friendly award –
The Midwife Center

The 5th Annual Most Doula Friendly Award was presented to The Midwife Center. Over the years the midwives and staff have supported “Heart & Hands” by speaking/exhibiting at and donating to our conferences, distributing our materials to potential birth and postpartum clients, allowing us to have meetings at their facility, permitting our book photography and writing on site, referring childbirth clients to us and welcoming our doulas in every way at births. We are always impressed with the woman/family oriented philosophy, gentle manner and caring attitude towards their patients. This combination makes The Midwife Center a really special and unique place to birth a baby in Pittsburgh.